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Embedding Looker reports in web application

Utilizing Looker's rich data support with visualization to build a reporting engine in our web application Read more

Managing Helm Releases from your CI/CD

How we integrated the release management of Helm into our CI/CD pipeline and why you'd want to do that. Read more

Kickstarting your private registry with Kubernetes, Helm and Portus

Using Helm and Kubernetes we can quickly provision a TLS secured private registry with User Authentication managed through Portus in a single command. Read more

Using Enums (like Rails) in Elixir

Ecto in Elixir does not support enums which is heavily used in Rails. But using macro, we can create custom enums Read more

Building a web app using Google Sheets

Build a web app using Google Sheets backend and host it on Google cloud infrastructure for free Read more

Getting It Right - Rails Setup

Setting up your Rails project correctly is of utmost importance. Obvious setup instructions somehow get missed, and entire teams suffer from the repercussions of a bad setup. Read more

A Drone CI plugin for updating deployments in Kubernetes

As we are installing more and more of our existing services (as well as all new services) in our Kubernetes cluster, we reached a point where we have started moving our core apps as well Read more

A clean process to get ssh keys from Github

Recently we decided to improve the way we manage ssh keys on our servers. We’re running our stack on Elastic Beanstalk and the way we would push our ssh keys would be to use a config file appending the user’s key to the server’s authorized_keys file. This solution is not really optimal because it means we’re storing the public keys in the repository, access control is quite low and you’d have to go through a whole pull request process just to be able to ssh to a machine. Read more